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Benevolence Farm Body Care

Rosemary & Sweet Birch Soothing Lotion

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This delightful Rosemary & Sweet Birch lotion is sure to soothe your skin from the affects of cool weather elements. Using the base of pure Aloe Vera gel, we have added organic coconut oil and Benevolence Farm's own rosemary-infused grapeseed oil to create a formula that your skin will thank you for! Our not-so-secret ingredient, Spirulina, not only gives this lotion a natural green tint, it also has been credited as an effective toner and detoxifier for the skin. 

Ideas for use: itchy skin relief, dry skin relief, insect bite treatment. 

Ingredients: Benevolence Farm-made rosemary-infused grapeseed oil, pure Aloe Vera gel, organic coconut oil,  organic beeswax, spirulina, and the essential oils of rosemary and sweet birch.

Jar Size: 4oz

Photography Credit: Stacey Sprenz Photography